Driven Fool or Tenacity over Talent


Failed comedian, college drop-out or keen observationist … it’s difficult to pigeon-hole Bruce Gossett.  Fluent in a broad array of mediums: fine art acrylics, automotive paints, airbrushing, pinstriping, and for kicks –screen-printing.  And that’s if he’s not busy wrenching on his cars.  The two constants in Gossett’s world are art and cars, or is it cars and art?  Guess it depends on which week you contact him.  Tracing his influences isn’t rocket science, from hot rod culture back to the golden age of pulp illustration, comics to label art or smut to cheesecake.  If anything, Gossett’s well rounded in bad taste!  Chalk it up to being of the mind that nothing is sacred.  Hell, in his world the cow’s been gutted and strewn all over the village.  More visually stimulating subject matter for a painting than, say, a landscape, any day of the week.  Action and humor with a dash of trash about sums it up.


Showing his paintings since ’91, primarily on the West Coast, Gossett has no intention of slowing down.  Exhibition highlights include ACME Kustom 1 and 2  in S.F., CA (group / ’96 and ’97), Light ‘em Up, a duet with photographer David Perry, at Big Art in Sacramento, CA (’98), Petroleum Addiction at Farley’s in S.F. CA (solo / ’98), Custom Culture Exhibition at Rockford Art Museum in IL (group / 2002),  Sci-Fi Western Show at 111 Minna in S.F., CA (group / ’03), and Tiki Art Now (group / ’04) and the annual Erotic and Gun group shows at The Shooting Gallery in S.F., CA. 


Publications include pieces in the catalogs for both the Sci-Fi Western Show and Tiki Art Now (Last Gasp), feature articles in various weekly/daily papers, and various hot rod magazines such as Hot Rod Deluxe, Garage, Rust, Car Culture Deluxe, Burn Out, and Smokin’ Shutdown.


Gossett branched out into screenprinting in ’96 after a stint as an airbrush artist for Tower Records.  He’s been peddling his own t-shirt line up and down the West Coast primer-friendly car show circuit ever since.  In 2000, Gossett co-founded Black Cat Press with partner Ira Cowart, in the interest of shedding some light on much deserving rock and roll/speedrock/trash blues bands.  Gossett and Cowart are known as purveyors of high-quality in-house production of limited edition, screen printed posters and stickers for the exceptional.  Even the car show people have gotten hip to the quality and allure of the screen printed poster.  Adding even more class to already bitchin’ car shows, recent clients include Asphalt Invitational, Carnival and Pride of the Champs. 


Lookin’ at the current movements of low brow, neo-pop, pop surrealism, kustom culture,  blah, blah, blah …I get the impression Gossett’s just proud to be involved.  Call it what you will…it’s some of the few truly relevant art-with-balls left.

-- Motorhead Mata Hari


You can contact Bruce Gossett via e-mail:


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